I had developed some increased swelling and discomfort in my lower extremities… the reputation in terms of their ability to take care of the particular type of problem was aware in the medical community. With that, I thought this was the place for me to come. Everybody here is professional, I was taken care of expeditiously and good results.

Dr. John Clemmons Vein Treatment, leg swelling

From the time you go in the door, to the first time you have your blood pressure taken, every one of the staff members here are very professional, very friendly. They treat you like you’re family.

Ellen Sedita Vein Treatment, spider veins

The people here at (Alate) are great, very accommodating, very concerned about how I felt (and if) I felt comfortable going through what I was going to go through. Before having the procedure, I had a lot of swelling in my legs and a lot of discoloration. Since I’ve had the procedure, the swelling has gone down considerably.

William Ronnie Vein Treatment, leg swelling